A Short Knitting Tutorial

  Some of the dive knitters who follow me have asked how I increase when I knit sweater sleeves, so here’s a little video! Maybe it’s wrong, but it’ll be fine anyway! 😉 A short knitting tutorial on the way I do increases!

Part Of My Initial Reasoning For Choosing

  Part of my initial reasoning for choosing to do the #travelingknitafghan (over the crochet version, which I then decided to do also, lol 😂) was because I wanted to get better at the technical side of the craft. I am *mostly* self taught, which means I feel like I pretty much...

Amazing Knitting Pattern

  🧶📣 Big News Knitters, I’ve launched a Patreon Page! ✨Link in Bio✨ Please join my merry band of Fearless Knitters as we learn new stuff and #knitallthethings 👩🏻‍🏫👏I’ll be sharing exclusive knitting content including: weekly knitting tutorials, behind the scenes pics and vids of my latest projects and fun knitting “asmr”...

A Little Process

  All the same, I liked the Rattan pattern . I ​​combine two colors ве two threads 💙 If the video was useful, save it and put 💙

Crochet Texture Stitch

  Simple and easy crochet texture stitch. Just make half double crochet in the back loop , slip stitch in the next stitch in the back loop and that’s it 😊